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Website Offers Tips On Starting Business Without Money

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 7/15/2011

A new website gives cash-strapped entrepreneurs a pathway to small business success.

In interesting news for entrepreneurs, a new website is offering a specialized course on starting a new business without the start-up money.

Start a Business With No Money

The site,, was founded by "Mr. Elison," or Eli Shavit, whose website said he has 18 years of business experience and a business magazine with over 250,000 subscribers. The site offers people the opportunity to learn and how to start-up a business without start-up money and without having to leave their job or take a bank loan.

A statement from the website said it will teach people know-how and skills to start a better future for themselves and their families. Shavit has developed a unique entrepreneurship study method based on his experience, according to the press release.

A survey in Bloomberg show that 42 percent of Americans believe unemployment is a problem more disturbing than the deficit. There are still 14 million Americans unemployed and a statement from the website said that unemployment is not expected to drop below 8 percent until 2013.

"The American public is frustrated by the fact that there is no growth in creating new jobs," the website said in a statement. "Therefore, Mr. Elison advises everyone to take responsibility for their future and develop a source for income that will allow them to earn an honest living even without start-up money."

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