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Choosing The Right CRM Solution Crucial For Small Businesses

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 2/23/2010

Experts advise small business owners to select a CRM company that can relate to their needs and critical business objectives, which often means opting for a smaller, local provider.

Several successful entrepreneurs and small business experts believe that small businesses looking to utilize customer relationship management solutions are best served selecting a local vendor rather than one of the growing industry's major players, according to, a provider of CRM news for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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A company of similar size that offers CRM solutions is more likely to understand the needs of small businesses and mold their product accordingly. Smaller CRM vendors are also likely to offer good service and a strong product at a reasonable price.

Larger CRM vendors, such as, offer packages for both large and small businesses, but prominent small business experts recommend carefully selecting the right product based on a company's needs. Major vendors can charge higher rates because their products are in such high demand.

"[Relenta offers] some cool features and great service," Ken Jones, director of translation and English as a second language company Maximo Nivel, told the news provider. "There's really no doubt that it helped out client data."

CRM companies have experienced a large growth in demand recently as companies hope to increase sales by giving their salespeople more resources. As a result, vendors have developed products and packages for businesses of all sizes.

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