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Cloud Computing For SMBs

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 9/20/2011

Cloud-based technology is working to help business cut costs while improving efficiency. Many public cloud-based programs, such as Microsoft's Office 365, can help small businesses compete with larger companies.

Cloud computing technology can help businesses of all sizes reduce costs, save time and enhance productivity. Cloud-based communications integrates various business processes including email, telephone, instant message and video conferencing onto a single server, which enables workers to connect at any location through the use of shared desktops and virtual communication.

Cloud Computing for SMBs

This can save companies money on travel, while creating a flexible workplace that can be accessed from remote locations. Collaboration is also enhanced, as a seamless line of communication and work flow is supported through the integrated model. Small Business Computing reported on two types of cloud services: private cloud and public cloud.

Private cloud infrastructure is managed by a single party, either by the organization itself or a third-party provider. This can be expensive for small businesses, who usually opt for the public cloud infrastructure that is rented to the SMB from the cloud services vendor, the news source reported.

One example of cloud-based technology that runs on a public cloud is the new Microsoft Office 365. Entrepreneur reported that the new program provides web-based versions of Microsoft Office software, such as Word and Excel, for a monthly fee. John Betz, director of Microsoft's online services, told the news source that 70 percent of its current users are SMBs. Small enterprises are able to utilize the same programs purchased by larger corporations, at an affordable price. 

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