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Could Crowdsourcing Replace The Traditional Interview?

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 4/25/2011

Crowdsourcing can help businesses find workers through online competitions and queries.

Entrepreneur news often portray the hiring process as a typical interview: Applicants are questioned by business owners or HR representatives and asked to provide answers to a series of queries designed to reveal their experiences and level of expertise.

Crowdsourcing Interviews

Now, for many industries, crowdsourcing is providing a new way for small businesses to reach out and engage with freelancers. This is an especially popular method for companies in need of graphic designers and other creative workers, contributor Polly Traylor for MSN's Business on Main writes.

"I was a little worried about the quality, but we got the cream of the crop," Sarah Harris, marketing manager for jeweler Adiamor, told Traylor. "With crowdsourcing, there are tons of applicants vying for your business."

One way some businesses are going about doing this is through competitions via crowdsourcing sites. A company can post its design needs, such as a logo or letterhead, and then sift through the tens or even hundreds of applicants.

But even small office tasks, including address verification, social media moderation and research, are benefiting from this setup, so small business owners should not put limits on the types of jobs for which they adopt crowdsourcing.

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