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Digital Suggestions To Boost Small Businesses' Consumer Reach

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 10/10/2011

While it is important for small businesses to keep tight budgets in the current economic climate, it is vital they remain on the cutting-edge of digital technology so as to remain competitive in the marketplace. is a web-based training program for small business owners that specializes in instructing users on the basic fundamentals of web designs and digital marketing. The training curriculum has been developed with small business owners in mind, working to find a way to cut costs while still keeping pace with the competition.

Small Business Consumer Reach

Because many small businesses do not have the resources to outsource their web design and digital marketing development to a third-party, it is important owners understand how the technology works so the projects can be completed efficiently in-house and produce profitable results. The training courses will help both entrepreneurs and small businesses design unique websites and digital marketing campaigns that will engage consumers and drive up sales.

Search Engine Watch recently reported that small businesses can greatly benefit from designing their website on WordPress, as the plugin system is continually expanding, allowing the website to grow and evolve with the user. Using WordPress plugins, small businesses can continually optimize their website, manage the content and create quick backups for important information.

The news source recommends small businesses peruse the hundreds of plugins available based on the needs and design of the business, its product and services and its client base. Yoast SEO is a a plugin that can help small businesses' websites achieve a higher search engine optimization value so more consumers can see the website on their search engine results. The plugin helps owners optimize their title tags, remove archives they are no longer using, cleanse the site of extraneous data and categorize the page URLs.

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