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More Small Businesses May Opt For Google Apps After Government Agency Endorsement

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 7/28/2010

Based on its recent government approval, expert says Google Apps are ready for business.

Given its recent approval from the United States government, many small business owners are left wondering if Google Apps are safe for their companies.

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In a recent article for PC World, Tony Bradley writes that based on Google Apps receiving approval through the Federal Information and Security Management Act, many small businesses should consider using the applications.

"SMBs can realize a variety of benefits from adopting cloud-based messaging and productivity solutions like Google Apps, and the FISMA certification seal of approval should provide some peace of mind," Bradley writes. "IT admins just need to carefully consider what data to trust to the cloud and the effect cloud-based services might have on compliance."

Bradley also cautions entrepreneurs against relying on the cloud-based system too much. The FISMA certification does not include classified information and other entities may have other "compliance frameworks."

The FISMA certification is just the latest positive sign for Google when it comes to news for small business. Joe Brockmeier, who writes for, says that Google's Android phone platform is better for small businesses than the Apple iPhone, based on its customizable applications.

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