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New Phone Service Gives Small Business Owners Feedback Without The Hassle

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 11/16/2010

Free Phone Surveys offers service to entrepreneurs

Among the best ways for small business owners to understand the effectiveness of their operations is by giving customers comment cards to fill out after a service is performed. But as entrepreneurs move further and further away from a paper and pen system, the old system can prove to be too time consuming.

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But thanks to one company, the news for small business owners may be improving with new, phone-enabled comment technology. Free Phone Surveys is a new system that allows companies to get feedback from their customers over the telephone and then give the results to them on their email or websites.

"Free Phone Surveys allows customers to be completely candid about their experience because they don't have to feel uncomfortable about returning a comment card to an employee or speaking to a manager," explained Dorsey West, founder of Free Phone Surveys. "The service also helps businesses respond faster to the ever-changing needs of customers because the surveys are completed and processed in real time."

Much of the marketing news for small business has revolved around the subject of feedback. By understanding what works and what doesn't, entrepreneurs can know whether their business plans are working well.

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