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Pixability Helps Small Businesses Create Video Campaigns

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 2/18/2011

Pixability helps small businesses produce online video content using Flip video cameras and online tools.

Technology news for entrepreneurs is increasingly focusing on the benefits of going digital for their marketing campaigns. Online sites such as YouTube and Facebook allow businesses to interact with consumers for little to no cost.

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However, as the battle for offering relevant and entertaining content increases, more businesses are turning to video. This technology, though, can be difficult for small businesses on tight budgets or with little videography experience.

"Creating video is really a hurdle for most smaller companies," Pixability founder Bettina Hein told the Boston Globe. "They may not have a camera, they may not know who to hire and they don't know where the video needs to be once it's finished."

Pixability is a new service that helps small businesses produce videos for as little as $895. The company sends clients a Flip video camera and asks them to film up to 30 minutes of raw footage. This film is then uploaded online, allowing Pixability to edit, integrate imagery, PowerPoint slides, photos, music and screenshots.

These videos can then be shared via their business websites or video-sharing sites. 

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