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QSRs And Online Retailers Pushing Faster, Easier Ordering Options

Written by Tim Morral
Published: 4/9/2015

From restaurants racing to provide digital ordering options to Amazon's new Dash button, businesses across all sectors are focused on making the purchase process easier than ever before.

Every business owner knows that easy purchase processes mean higher sales and more satisfied customers. Now some of the world's biggest food service and online retail brands are scrambling to make the process even easier with advanced digital ordering options.

Fast Food Online Ordering

QSRs Implementing Online and Digital Ordering Technologies

The order process has always been a priority for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) because even small delays in ordering can threaten QSRs' ability to deliver good food quickly. But more and more QSRs now see digital ordering as essential technology for improving operational speed and efficiency.

According to research by eMarketers, 52 percent of Internet users said they would use a smartphone or tablet for ordering takeout and delivery. Even more importantly, 74 percent of millennials expressed interest in digital ordering options at QSR restaurants.

One of the earliest adopters of digital ordering was Papa Johns. The brand implemented digital ordering in 2001 and 45 percent of its orders are now digital.

"We like any digital customer, whether it's desktop or mobile or tablet, because they tend to be better customers, [are] more loyal and spend more than people that come in through traditional means," said Papa John's CMO Bob Kraut.

Amazon Introduces the Dash Button

While QSRs are counting on improved digital ordering to capture the all-important millennial market segment, online retail giant Amazon announced it is rolling out a new ordering resource that will make re-orders of common household products practically effortless.

Called the Dash Button, the product is a brand-specific hook that can be placed on a wall or other surface in the home. By tapping on the device, consumers can automatically re-order a specific product (e.g., Tide detergent, Bounty paper towels, Clorox wipes).

Although the announcement has elicited a mixed response of criticism and enthusiasm from industry experts, it's another sign that Amazon is interested in achieving additional growth by making buying experiences as fast and pain-free.

Purchase Process Lessons for Small Businesses

Smart entrepreneurs understand the value of learning from your competitors. And if there's anything that small businesses can learn from large QSRs and Amazon, it's that consumers want fast, simple ordering routines.

Even though it's impossible for small companies to offer proprietary ordering devices like Amazon's Dash Button, it's critical for restaurants and retailers to make ordering a quick and easy experience for customers. By evaluating the purchase journey and implementing measures to streamline ordering, businesses can improve revenue, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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