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Small Business Websites Unprepared For Increase In Traffic, Survey Finds

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 4/13/2011

A recent survey revealed that nearly three-fourths of small businesses would not be able to hand a 200 percent increase in traffic to their websites.

Small business marketing news may assert that a website is an essential part of a company's sales strategy, but that doesn't mean that its home page would actually be able to handle the increased traffic.

Small Business Websites

A recent survey from Neustar reported 73 percent of small and mid-sized businesses across the country could not currently handle a 200 percent increase in online traffic without making changes to their websites. Additionally, that figure increases to 93 percent when faced with a 300 percent traffic increase.

However, the survey found that IT professionals consider the situation to be even worse, with only 7 percent having confidence in their servers' functionality if it were to see a 300 percent increase in traffic.

"Many small businesses, particularly those powered by online marketing and increasingly dependent on e-commerce, know they might see spikes in online traffic anytime, but they're not ready for it," said small business consultant and columnist Gene Marks in a statement.

When small businesses are preparing to launch a website they can choose between established and newer hosting providers. Noobpreneur suggests that owners consider their company's mission to determine which option fits best.

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