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Small Businesses Need To Be Careful With Scam Emails

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 8/4/2011

Phishing and other scams are serious threats for SMBs that haven't implemented defenses against cyber fraud.

Email cyber scams could end up as bad news for small businesses. Dynamic Business' website said that iiNet has urged small businesses to be aware of email phishing, or a scam that occurs when criminals send an email that appears to be legitimate and asks for account information and passwords.

Business Risk Scam Emails

Rebecca Moonen, iiNet compliance manager, said phishing is common but easy to avid. She told the website that trusting instincts is important when it comes to email.

To avoid email scams, Moonen suggests watching out for generic greetings, visit a company's website instead of clicking links in a suspicious email, be wary of phishing phone calls and quickly change passwords if any information was given.

The Houston Chronicle said to ignore any emails that solicit working at home opportunities. The paper said any unsolicited emails from someone or a firm not known is "highly suspect," according to the Texas attorney general. The Chronicle also said to search for complaints about a company on the internet and read all legal terms of services and contracts completely.

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