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Small Businesses Using Outsourcing

Written by James Conroy
Published: 6/29/2009

The employment method once used by only large corporations is increasingly used by small businesses.

For years large corporations have used outsourcing to help cut costs, but the good news for small businesses is there are increasing opportunities for them to take advantage of workers in other countries.

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A report in the New York Times finds that there are a growing number of online services that are helping small businesses reach workers in not only the U.S., but in places like Sri Lanka.

An example of a small business that is using these services to their advantage is John Wilde, CEO of Wisconsin-based manufacturing company Tailor Made Products, who used outsourcing website oDesk to find a company in India to build a website at half the price he might pay in the U.S.

"This has given our company a chance to play really, good, solid internet ball at an affordable price," Wilde told the Times. "Our little company can afford to have a really top-notch internet play with this new product line."

While the internet is helping some small businesses find workers in faraway lands, it can also help cut down on the costs of workers companies have in this country.

A number of experts have suggested that small businesses can reduce costs by allowing employees to work remotely - something that has become increasingly popular among workers because of the prevalence of the internet.

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