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Technology Tips For Small Business Owners In 2012

Written by Tim Morral
Published: 12/27/2011

The race for growth and efficiency is leading many SMB owners to re-evaluate their technology strategies as they enter 2012.

As the calendar turns to 2012, business owners are still struggling to identify strategies that will help them navigate the challenges of a persistently sluggish economy. Profitability and revenue growth continue to elude many entrepreneurs, especially those who have already cut their company's expenses to the bone.

Technology Tips for Small Business Owners in 2012

To help SMB owners balance the competing demands of growth and cost containment, AT&T Small Business Solutions has offered five technology related tips that can be used to drive both efficiency and growth within the business.

  • 1. Invest in a Business Website - According to industry research, more than half of all small businesses do not currently have a business website. The lack of a strong online presence severely handicaps your ability to compete, so it's important to create a mobile-optimized website using either a professional site design firm or one of the many, affordable DIY site creation tools available in the marketplace.
  • 2. Improve Your Tech Support - Hiring an IT expert can be an expensive proposition. But without technology expertise, your company may be in jeopardy of lagging behind the competition. So in 2012, you may want to consider hiring virtual tech support -- 24/7 service from experts who can help remedy your technology issues remotely, via phone or the Internet.
  • 3. Establish Reliable Data Backup Routines - Data disasters are costly for any business. But for small companies, the loss of large quantities of data can be devastating. Establish routines for regularly backing up your data on CD, removable hard drive(s) or affordable, online backup services.
  • 4. Equip Field Reps with Mobile Apps - Mobile apps are inexpensive tools field personnel can use to perform a variety of tasks including fleet management, mobile dictation, paperless forms, time management/tracking, and other functions. In terms of ROI, it's hard to beat the return you get from the quality apps available in today's mobile marketplace.
  • 5. Utilize Conferencing Technology - Rather than spending tons of cash on business travel expenses, consider how your business can utilize voice, web and video conferencing technologies to conduct meetings or share presentations with customers, partners and employees.


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