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Tips For SMBs Looking To Expand Into The Digital Sphere

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 10/6/2011

Modern technology allows SMBs to interact with consumers in cost-effective ways. It is important small business owners understand the value of digital communication tools and how to properly utilize them to help their companies prosper.

Bop Design recently reported that most businesses must have a unique website in order to be successful. Many design companies offer small businesses with a website design template they can implement at an affordable price. A template, however, does not help the small business stand out from its competition, and with limited resources an SMB owner cannot afford to lose an opportunity to differentiate his or her company from every other small business in the field.

Tech Tips For SMBs

Jeremy Durant, design principal at Bop Design, said SMB owners cannot forget that website visitors are very judgmental when they view a site for the first time. Durant argues that using a template can eliminate a prime opportunity for a small business to engage with its ideal customer and present a unique face to the company.

"This applies to any size business in any industry - a business only has a few opportunities to gain customer attention and directly communicate to effectively position their brand," said Durant.

In addition to website designs, social media accounts also offer SMB owners with a cost-effective means to interacting with customers and gaining valuable feedback while making consumers feel heard and appreciated. The Verizon Small Business Center recently hosted a free webinar for SMB owners discussing how social media activity can help small businesses prosper. The webinar took participants through the evolution of social media, highlighting the ways the technology changed communications and how small businesses can prosper in the new environment.

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