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Website Introduces Beta Version For Small Business Owners, Developers

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 8/20/2010

OPENapps will give developers more flexibility.

A new "marketplace" has been introduced for small business owners looking to get help when it comes to taking their websites to the next level.

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OPENapps recently announced that it was launching a beta version of its service, which seeks to help application developers work with business owners, all while keeping the brand's image intact. The new version of the website seeks to give small business owners who are looking to improve the way their website is used means to find those who can help, without forcing them to spend hours in the process.

The site will also allow developers to use various platforms to work from. Developers can choose to create programs using any number of resources online.

"Develop once in your preferred language, and it'll work on every web publishing platform - Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Moveable Type and others. There's no longer any need to make tough platform choices when building your web application," said Joseph Puoplo, director of marketing and community for OPENapps.

OPENapps is hardly the only company make technology news for small business. Bizzness Apps recently annouced that it would be creating inexpensive iPhone apps for small businesses looking to expand their brands.

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