August 15, 2020  
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Nonprofit organizations that prioritize doing good over making profits still need to form a legal entity. Learn how to setup a non-profit corporation. We cover everything from nonprofit articles of incorporation to how to form a nonprofit corporation online.

NonProfit Formation

  • Dissolving a Nonprofit - Closing down a nonprofit isn't as easy as you might think. The same government agencies that were involved in starting your nonprofit want to make sure it's closed down properly. With that in mind, here are a few things you'll need to know about dissolving a nonprofit corporation.
  • Forming a Church - Wondering how to start a church? Forming a church is not too different from forming any other nonprofit organization but there are some important nuances associated with church formation.
  • Understanding Nonprofit Incorporation Forms - Forming a nonprofit entity involves many forms, including incorporation documents, tax exemption applications, and registrations. Here's everything you need to know about nonprofit incorporation forms.
  • Alternatives to Nonprofit Incorporation - You're committed to a social cause and now you're fired up to form a new nonprofit. But before you move too quickly, you might want to consider these worthy alternatives to nonprofit incorporation.
  • Do-It-Yourself Nonprofit Incorporation - You could go the easy route and hire a lawyer to form your nonprofit. But hiring legal advice can be expensive, especially for a nonprofit that's just getting off the ground. Plenty of folks have incorporated a nonprofit on their own. Here's how they did it . . .
  • Costs for Incorporating a Nonprofit - Doing the right thing isn't cheap. It would be nice if it didn't cost anything to form a nonprofit, but unfortunately that isn't how the process works. Here's a small sampling of the costs for incorporating a nonprofit organization.

  • Starting a Private Foundation - Private foundations are an attractive charitable giving vehicle for highly successful entrepreneurs. But private foundations aren't necessarily the right tool for every philanthropic business owner. We'll help you decide whether or not starting a private foundation is a good move for you and your family.




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