August 12, 2020  
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Thinking about writing an op-ed piece? Contributing an editorial piece is a great way to get PR placements. We discuss how to write op-ed features that will get published and cover some best practices for submitting an op-ed piece.

Op-Ed Features

  • Op-Ed Versus Bylined Articles - An op-ed piece and a bylined article are the same thing, right? Not even close. There is a big difference between an op-ed piece and a bylined article, and you'll need to know the difference if you want to include them in your business' marketing and PR plan.
  • How to Write An Op-Ed Article - The right op-ed piece can give your company free exposure in the local community. Getting it right is trickier than it seems, but with a little help you can create a powerful and professional op-ed piece that will make a lasting impression on readers.
  • Strategies for Placing Op-Ed Articles - Anyone can write an op-ed piece. Getting an op-ed published . . . that's a different story. Business leaders who regularly publish op-ed pieces know that there are strategies for placing op-ed articles. Here's what you need to know . . .
  • Example Op-Ed Articles - Op-ed pieces can be effective tools for getting your point across to the general public. But with your name attached to the piece, your op-ed has to be more than good -- it has to be great. Here are some examples of great op-ed pieces and the reasons why they made it to print.
  • Writing Letters to the Editor - What if there was a PR tool that costs nothing and could establish your reputation as an expert with just a few minutes work? That's exactly what a well-placed letter to the editor can do. Here's how to make it happen . . .




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