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These tips are ideal for aspiring religious entrepreneurs who hope to start a New Testament church. Read these tips before you start!

Wondering how to start a New Testament church? We take you step-by-step from start to success.

What is a New Testament Church?

If you're looking for a New Testament denomination, you're going to be disappointed because the New Testament label isn't a church affiliation -- it's a phrase some churches (mostly non-denominational) use to convey their core values.

New Testament churches tend to be very conservative, Bible-based Christian churches that emphasize New Testament theology, doctrine and organizational structures. Although many New Testament churches could be considered fundamentalist congregations, others are more accurately described as evangelical congregations.

Church planters are a common feature in New Testament due to the movement's evangelical and non-denominational characteristics. But religious entrepreneurs exploring a New Testament church startup need to be completely certain about incorporating New Testament vocabulary into their brand identity since it can substantially narrow the field of prospective attenders who will be attracted to your church.

Creating a Marketing Plan for a New Testament Church Plant

Unfortunately, many New Testament church planters have an "if you build it they will come" attitude toward promoting their new churches. Although marketing concepts may sound unspiritual to some New Testament church planters, the simple truth is that without an effective marketing plan, your new church will languish in obscurity.

The key to creating a sound marketing plan is to leverage marketing strategies that are appropriate for your organization and your audience. If your marketing approach doesn't clearly communicate your New Testament church's most important messages in a way that likely attenders can understand, your marketing campaigns won't connect with their audiences.

Professional marketing firms can increase the return you receive for your marketing dollars. But whether you hire a professional or handle marketing on your own, you'll need to understand the online and offline marketing tactics that are yielding the best results for today's churches and nonprofit organizations. For more information, we recommend taking some time to explore Gaebler's marketing resources section.

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