Becoming a Religious Entrepreneur

Opening a United Methodist Church

Starting a United Methodist church can get you on the path to a spiritually rewarding future as long as you can attract a loyal and engaged congregation. We provide a few secrets that can make your church financially secure, stable and built to last.

Wondering how to start a United Methodist church? We take you step-by-step from start to success.

United Methodist Church Information

The United Methodist Church is firmly entrenched in mainline Protestantism, though its roots lie in both the revivalist and Anglican Christian traditions. It is the largest U.S. mainline denomination and is surpassed only by Southern Baptists in Protestant membership.

Founded by John and Charles Wesley in the 18th century, modern United Methodism conforms to the pattern of order and discipline established by John Wesley in the churches early days. The UMC is governed by a General Conference (with input from the Council of Bishops and Judicial Council) and an carefully ordered network of lesser councils, conferences and boards.

At the local level, United Methodist churches fall into districts that are overseen by District Superintendents. In the United Methodist tradition, church planters are typically UMC clergy who are connected to a conference and woven into the denomination's hierarchical fabric.

Online Marketing Strategies for United Methodist Churches

Although the UMC denomination has an active marketing strategy, national marketing campaigns can't provide all the promotional firepower you need to launch a successful United Methodist Church startup. To gain a foothold in your community, you will need to execute a local marketing plan that includes online marketing tactics.

A first-rate church website is the anchor of an online marketing push. Without a high quality website, your church will lack the ability to communicate quality content to members, prospects and the community-at-large.

The process of creating a website is the first step in creating an online presence for your church plant. As a religious entrepreneur, you will need to follow in the footsteps of highly successful small business entrepreneurs, making a deliberate effort to stay abreast of emerging Internet marketing techniques.

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