August 12, 2020  
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Forming a business partnership allows two or more individuals to share in the ownership of a business. In our articles on business partnerships, we take a look at this popular form of business entity.


  • Elements of A Business Partnership Agreement - A business partnership that operates without a business partnership agreement is a disaster waiting to happen. Here are the vital elements you need to incorporate into the legal paperwork of your business partnership agreement.
  • Mistakes When Forming a Partnership - A partnership can solve a lot of problems for a business owner -- but it can also create new ones. Here are the common mistakes to avoid when you form your business partnership.
  • How to Form a Business Partnership - Interested in forming a business partnership? There's more to it than just hanging up a shingle with a couple of friends. Partnerships are legal entities that need to be formed with care.
  • General Partnerships - In a general partnership, business partners pool their talents and resources. But that's not the only reason entrepreneurs turn to general partnerships for their business entity form.
  • Is a Partnership Right for You? - New business owners often rush into business partnerships based on their initial feelings of excitement, but, is this the right course of action to take? This article examines some common pitfalls and scenarios to watch out for when deciding if a business partnership is right for you.
  • Certificate Of Limited Partnership - Forming a partnership is easy, right? Although it's easier than forming a corporation, you may still have to jump through some hoops including the completion of a Certificate of Limited Partnership.

  • Limited Partnership Agreement - A limited partnership is a special kind of business partnership. But it's only enforceable to the degree that it has been properly documented -- and you'll need an ironclad limited partnership agreement to get the job done right.
  • Partnership Business Entity - Partnerships are a common and relatively basic form of business collaboration. But to stay on track, you'll need to understand the differences between various types of partnerships and have a solid grasp of business partnership essentials.




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