August 2, 2020  
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Ready to take your PR campaign on the road? Offering to swing by a journalist's office to demonstrate your product is a great way to secure press coverage. In PR parlance, this kind of public relations outreach is known as a media tour or press tour. Call it what you will, traveling to meet with journalists, editors and producers is a proven PR tactic that works.

Press Kits

  • Creating a Press Kit - Every company needs a press kit. Simply put, a press kit is just a concise set of documents that introduces people to your business.
  • Media Kits - A good small business public relations campaign starts with a good media kit. Learn how to put together a media kit for your business today!
  • Electronic Press Kits - It does not matter how many employees your business has, an electronic press kit is crucial to the success of your business. Press kits contain information used to publicize a person, company, event, or brand.
  • Press Kit Contents - The use of press kits (or media kits) is standard procedure in dealing with the media and even advertisers. For businesses, the tricky part is knowing what to include in your press kit and what to leave out.
  • Cover Letter for a Press Kit - A good cover letter is an important part of your company's press kit. Here's how to create a press kit cover letter that will tell recipients why they should care about everything else in the kit.
  • Press Kit Mistakes to Avoid - Media professionals rely on press kits for background information about companies and other organizations. Here are just some of the mistakes you'll want to avoid when it's time to create a press kit to support your business's PR efforts.

  • Press Kit Benefits - Every media rep you contact has asked you for a press kit. You know what goes into a press kit, but are there any real benefits to investing time and energy in creating a press kit for your company?




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