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Every media rep you contact has asked you for a press kit. You know what goes into a press kit, but are there any real benefits to investing time and energy in creating a press kit for your company?

Press kits are not a new marketing phenomenon.

If you have even a fleeting acquaintance with marketing and PR concepts, you've already heard that press kits are an important resource for media contacts and advertisers.

But although most business owners know that they need a press kit, many don't understand why press kits are so important. That's a problem because unless you know where press kits fit into your promotional strategy, it will be impossible to create a kit that delivers results with reporters and media contacts.

Creating a media isn't as simple as throwing a few brochures, business cards, and your most recent annual report into a manila folder. Effective press kits are carefully crafted components of a larger marketing strategy and need to be taken seriously. The more time and effort you invest in your media kit, the more likely it is that reporters will cover your company's stories. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive for your investment.

  • Focuses company messaging. A press kit gives your business more control over media coverage because it focuses company messaging on the concepts you want to communicate to the public. Reporters are not obligated to stick with the material in the press kit, but more often than not, they'll rely heavily on press kit content in their coverage.
  • Visual context. Press kits also give businesses the ability to provide photos and videos to the media. It's much easier for media outlets to use your photos and B-roll than it is for them to send a videographer to your location. Multimedia content increases the likelihood that a reporter will cover your company and gives you control over the photos and footage.
  • Resources for reporters. A good media kit makes it much easier for reporters to cover your business, especially when they're facing a tight deadline. By including visuals and a few sample articles, you can dramatically increase the odds that someone is going to pick up your story.
  • High quality presentation piece. A first-rate media kit is impressive. Although its primary function is to attract PR coverage, it can also be used to impress investors, lenders, and other people who need information about your business and/or products.
  • Fast response time. A prepackaged media kit shortens the amount of time you need to provide media outlets with information about your business. If an unexpected story suddenly breaks, you can provide the press with detailed background information in minutes or less if you have posted the kit on your website or saved it in an electronic format.

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