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Mobile Device Advertising


Putting Ads Into Mobile Apps

If you need it, there's an app for that . . . and now there's probably an advertising opportunity for that app. We've got the information you need to place your ads in iPhone apps, Android apps and other mobile device apps.

Apps are becoming a standard communication platform for users of mobile technology.
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Regardless of what you want to accomplish with your mobile device, there's a good chance someone has created a mobile app (or application) that makes it easier for you to do it.

Progressive-minded advertisers are acutely aware of the ways consumers are using apps to transform the mobile technology experience. Although many mobile devices rely on web connectivity, consumers don't use mobile devices to perform Internet searches like they do on their desktop computers. Instead, they tend to use their mobile device to interact with content that is presented to them through apps.

In response, mobile technology developers have created mechanisms that allow advertisers to design app-based advertisements. Since iPhone and Android are the most popular high-end mobile platforms, iAds and admob are the leading providers of tools for app-based ad creation. Although these solutions vary slightly, they feature similar features and structure.

Targeting Options

iAds and admob make it possible for your business to target very specific segments of the mobile consumer marketplace. For example, iAds lets advertisers target media-rich ads based on factors that include demographics, app preferences, music preferences, movie/TV genre preferences and even locations.

Ad Content

App-based advertising has the ability to create highly interactive experiences with consumers. Mobile users can download ad content from within an app, save brand-based images to their device, use barcodes to redeem store-based discounts and share marketing content via email or social networking sites.

Design Platform

The mobile ad design platform is intentionally accessible to advertisers. iAds makes money on the revenue that is generated by the ad not from the ad design platform. To use iAds, users simply download a kit from the iPhone development center. Admob users can visit the admob site for tools to create app ads for a selection of high-end mobile devices.

Analytical Tools

Not surprisingly, both iAds and admob provide their users with sophisticated metrics and tools to help you analyze the success of your campaigns. Since their success is tied to your success, expect mobile app ad developers to eagerly assist you in creating effective app-based marketing resources.

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