August 11, 2020  
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Registered agents are required by many states for various forms of legal entity structure. We take a look at the role of registered agents, including: What's the purpose of a registered agent? How much do registered agents cost? Can you change registered agents?

Registered Agents

  • Registered Agents - If you incorporate, you will likely need a registered agent. Why do you need a registered agent? Great question. In this article, we explain the role of registered agents.
  • What Is A Registered Agent? - If you're a new business owner, the term "registered agent" probably doesn't mean much to you. But if your company is a corporation, it's a term you can't afford to ignore. Here's all the vital info you need to know about registered agents and the role they play in corporations.
  • Changing Registered Agents - Your registered agent is your corporate mailbox, a representative of your firm that receives any lawsuits or official communications on your behalf. So what happens if you decide to change your registered agent?
  • Attributes of a Good Registered Agent - Most business owners don't spend much time thinking about the qualifications of their registered agent. But smart entrepreneurs don't leave anything to chance -- they vet their registered agents to make sure they are capable of delivering on their promises.
  • Using a Friend or Relative as a Registered Agent - While it's true that you can save money on registered agent fees by using a friend or relative, it's not necessarily a good idea. Although you might disappoint Uncle Harry, there are lots of great reasons why using a friend or relative is a registered agent is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Registered Agent Fees - Registered agents are a necessary evil if your business is incorporated or was formed as an LLC. But don't assume that every registered agent charges the same amount. Shop around for registered agent fees and you'll probably locate a good deal with a reputable registered agent.




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