August 6, 2020  

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Sales compensation requires that you balance base with sales commission in the right way. Find out how to structure a sales comp plan that works!

Sales Compensation

  • Compensating Sales People - Compensating sales reps is tricky. What's the right mix of base salary and commissions? Here are a few things to consider when designing comp plans for sales reps.
  • What To Do If Your Sales Team Is Overcompensated - Your sales compensation plan made sense long ago, but now your sales reps are making more than you are. So what do you do when your sales team is overcompensated?
  • Straight Salary for Sales Compensation - While most sales reps prefer commission incentives, there are a number of scenarios in which a straight salary for sales compensation scheme makes more sense for your business.
  • Straight Commission for Sales Compensation - Commission-only sales compensation plans are designed to attract the best sales reps and maximize performance. We discuss the pros and cons of straight commission for sales compensation plans.
  • Sales Contests - Thinking about running a sales contest? If you muck it up, you could have a sales force mutiny on your hands. Here are our tips for running effective sales contests.
  • Things to Consider When Compensating Sales People - Before you roll out a sales compensation plan, you'll want to make sure you've thought through these important sales compensation plan considerations.




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