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Selling a Bird Feeders and Houses Business

The sale of your bird feeders and houses business is the culmination of this stage of your entrepreneurial journey. Although most business owners expect a storybook ending, it will take the careful application of sound selling principles to bring your sale to a successful conclusion.

It's a fact: Successful business sales take time.

You'll always have an excuse for not putting your business on the market. Any bird feeders and houses business can be sold at any time -- you just need to know how to influence the right buyers.

Signs You're in Over Your Head

It's not uncommon for the owners of small bird feeders and houses businesses to adopt a go-it-alone sale strategy. Plenty of owners sell their bird feeders and houses businesses unassisted. Although there are exceptions, solo sales typically take longer and are less productive than brokered sales. Generally, listed businesses should generate interest within a few months. Lack of buyer enthusiasm or persistence indicates that something is wrong. Hire a broker and conduct a professional appraisal ASAP.

What to Expect in a Bird Feeders & Houses Business Sale

The sale of a bird feeders and houses business can be a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute you'll be elated at the possibility of moving on the next stage of your life and the next minute you'll be nostalgic about the memories of your time at the helm of your business. Many sellers experience discouragement during a long sale process. Accurate expectations, a solid strategy and a strong support system can be valuable resources for coping with the personal impact of the sale.

Why Confidentiality Matters

Highly publicized bird feeders and houses business sales are risky bird feeders and houses businesssales. If you are rigorous about maintaining a confidential sale, there is little risk in putting your bird feeders and houses business on the market. Eventually, word will leak out. When that happens, it can damage your standing with customers and vendors. Although it can be difficult, it's important to strike a balance between confidentiality and sale promotion. Brokers and consultants can mitigate the risk by implementing confidential sale techniques.

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