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Selling a Bonding and Cosmetic Dentists Business

Many business leaders say that now isn't the time to try to sell a bonding and cosmetic dentists business. At Gaebler, we think it's a great time to sell a bonding and cosmetic dentists business. Here's why . . ..

Most business sellers are interested in disposing of their businesses as quickly as possible. But that's not how a bonding and cosmetic dentists business sale works.

Undaunted by economic conditions, many bonding and cosmetic dentists business sellers are achieving their sale goals through deliberate sale strategies.

Buyer Concessions

Most bonding and cosmetic dentists business sellers realize they will need to offer concessions to sell their businesses. But for every concession you grant, there may be an opportunity to obtain a concession from the buyer. Often, buyer concessions represent financial incentives that the seller receives in exchange for providing a non-cash benefit (e.g. training, financing, etc.. You can also choose to exclude certain items like equipment or inventory from the deal if the buyer isn't willing to meet your price expectations. By selling excluded assets on the secondary market, you can compensate for an anemic sale price.

Sale Preparation Timeframes

It's critical to properly plan for the sale ofa bonding and cosmetic dentists business. For starters, the financials need to demonstrate a track record of profitability and growth. Next, the business will need to be documented in professional financial statements and manuals that facilitate the ownership transition. Since all of this takes time and effort, a bonding and cosmetic dentists business can rarely be ready for the marketplace in less than six months. If you can afford to wait, we recommend investing a few years in improving your business's financial position before you put it on the market.

Working with Appraisers

Next to your broker, a skilled appraiser is the person most capable of adding value to the price of your bonding and cosmetic dentists business. Armed with a professional appraisal, both you and your broker can enter the negotiation stage with confidence. Following the appraisal, you may choose to delay your sale until you can increase the value of assets and revenue.

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