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Selling a Brokers Consultants Business

Many business leaders say that now isn't the time to try to sell a brokers consultants business. At Gaebler, we think it's a great time to sell a brokers consultants business. Here's why . . ..

It's a fact: Successful business sales take time.

But sooner or later, all good things must come to an end. And when that day arrives, you need to know how to sell your brokers consultants business in a way that achieves positive outcomes for you and the business.

Negotiation 101

It's critical to negotiate from a position of strength. Information is the key to a great brokers consultants business negotiation. But before you can negotiate effectively, you need to have a clear sense of your minimum sale requirements. If you lack clarity about your goals, you're guaranteed to fall short of achieving of them. If you aren't sure what you need, put negotiations on hold until you gain a clearer understanding of your own deal parameters.

Signs You're in Over Your Head

Many brokers consultants business are tempted to save brokerage fees by selling their businesses on their own. Although there are exceptions, solo sales typically take longer and are less productive than brokered sales. As a rule, no business should sit on the market for more than six months without attracting the interest of at least a handful of qualified buyers. When buyers fail to exhibit substantive interest, it could indicate unrealistic pricing or an inferior selling strategy. The remedy is professional brokerage or a consultation with more experienced sellers.

Timing Your brokers consultants business Sale

When is it the right time to sell your brokers consultants business? If you're asking the question, now may be the time to put your business on the market. Opinions are mixed and some consultants are advising brokers consultants business sellers (or would-be sellers) to take a wait and see approach. We aren't nearly as pessimistic about the brokers consultants business marketplace. The inventory of what we consider to be quality brokers consultants businesses is actually low right now and there is room for the right sellers to realize substantial gains with investment-conscious buyers.

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