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Selling a Bumper Stickers Business

You've heard the naysayers - now isn't the time to sell a bumper stickers business. But what they don't know is that many entrepreneurs see bumper stickers businesses as a smart business investment.

It's a fact: Successful business sales take time.

The business-for-sale market is extremely dynamic. Knowledgeable entrepreneurs understand that market timing isn't nearly as important as other factors in a bumper stickers business sale. To improve sale outcomes, you will simply need to tailor your bumper stickers business to today's buyers.

Legal Considerations

It's obvious that you're going to need to hire an attorney to finalize the sale of your bumper stickers business. Tackling the legal nuances and tax ramifications of a sale without a first-rate business lawyer is an invitation for disaster. In some cases, an attorney may also provide assistance in securing long-term leases or vendor contracts to make your bumper stickers business more attractive to buyers. If you don't know an attorney with experience in the business-for-sale market, ask your broker for a referral.

Seller Financing

The shortage in today's marketplace isn't interested buyers -- it's capital. Banks and other lending institutions aren't eager to lend to unproven and undercapitalized bumper stickers business buyers regardless of the business's potential. Rather than abandon their plans entirely, many buyers are pursuing finance concessions from sellers. Although 100% seller financing isn't recommended, sellers are financing up to 70% of the sale price to close deals.

Preparing for What's Next

The decision to sell your bumper stickers business can't be made without adequate consideration of what will happen after the sale. many sellers find themselves ill-equipped to handle life after their business and fail to understand that their future plans can influence the sale process. In today's market, many buyers expect seller financing - a concession that might not be a possibility for sellers whose next step requires the entire proceeds at the time of the sale.

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