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With the economy limping along, many DSL services business owners are hesitant to put their businesses on the market. At Gaebler, we think it's a great time to sell a DSL services business. Here's why . . ..

Although we're optimistic about the economy, we also recognize that it takes the right strategy to sell a DSL services business in today's market.

Fortunately for sellers, forward-thinking entrepreneurs continue to be attracted to DSL services businesses that exhibit strong financials and potential for future growth.

Advantages of Hiring a Broker

Brokers give DSL services business sellers distinct advantages in the marketplace. First, business brokers are in tune with the realities of the market and are skilled at helping owners make their businesses attractive to premium buyers. More importantly, brokers have the ability to identify serious buyers and maintain confidentiality throughout the sale process. Brokerage isn't cheap. But even though you can spend as much as 10% of the sale price on a good broker, you'll likely achieve decent ROI through an improved final sale price.

Why Confidentiality Matters

In the business-for-sale universe, publicity translates into risk. A low-key selling strategy is a low risk activity because you can control who does (and doesn't) know that your business is on the market. When and if your sale becomes public knowledge, competitors can use that information to weaken your position in the marketplace. Maintaining confidentiality isn't easy, but without it you won't get top dollar for your business. In a worse case scenario, a profitable DSL services business can be reduced to one that is struggling to survive. If confidentiality is important to you (and it should be), your best bet is to consult with a professional business broker about maintaining a confidential DSL services business sale.

Promoting a DSL services business Sale

The best DSL services business sales incorporate comprehensive advertising plans. But confidentiality issues are a hurdle you'll need to address before you put your DSL services business on the market. If sale information leaks out, competitors can use it to steal customers and circulate negative messages about your business throughout the industry. Business brokers are skilled at publicizing DSL services business sales while maintaining the confidentiality that is critical to your business.

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