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Selling a Dial A Devotion Business

Few entrepreneurs relish the idea of selling a business in a struggling economy. Yet dial a devotion businesses continue to be sold at a brisk pace, outperforming the sales of many other types of businesses.

Business-for-sale markets are less dependent on economic conditions than most sellers think they are.

You'll always have an excuse for not putting your business on the market. With hard work and dedication, your dial a devotion business can be sold at or above fair market value right now.

Finding Prospects

Many sellers don't realize how many prospective buyers there are for their businesses. Although some dial a devotion business sellers advertise their businesses in general classifieds, the most successful sales are those in which professional brokers seek out likely buyers. Competitors may seem like natural prospects and they are. The downside is that they won't pay top dollar and will probably absorb your company into their own.

Seller Financing

Business buyers are in a capital crunch. Thanks to more stringent commercial lending requirements, sellers have become de facto lenders, providing the financing buyers need to get their feet in the door. As you prepare for the sale of your dial a devotion business, expect to be asked to finance a substantial part of the sale price.

Broker vs. No Broker

When selling a dial a devotion business, you have two choices: Hire a broker to facilitate the sale or perform the sale unassisted. Is there a cost associated with hiring a broker? Sure - about 10% of the final sale prices. But a good broker will make selling your dial a devotion business much less painful. A highly skilled broker can compensate for his commission by selling your business for a significantly higher price than you could achieve on your own. But whether you use a broker or not, you may want to list your dial a devotion business on and other popular online business-for-sale listing sites.

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