January 27, 2021  
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Selling a Facsimile Service and Repair Business

Selling a facsimile service and repair business doesn't happen overnight. It takes a deliberate process to get top dollar for your company.

Most business sellers are interested in disposing of their businesses as quickly as possible. But that's not how a facsimile service and repair business sale works.
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But sooner or later, all good things must come to an end. As a consequence, you have a substantial stake in knowing how to receive maximum price for your facsimile service and repair business.

Moving On

The decision to sell your facsimile service and repair business can't be made without adequate consideration of what will happen after the sale. many sellers find themselves ill-equipped to handle life after their business and fail to understand that their future plans can influence the sale process. In today's market, many buyers expect seller financing - a concession that might not be a possibility for sellers whose next step requires the entire proceeds at the time of the sale.

Sale Documents

In a facsimile service and repair business sale, the Letter of Intent contains the vital elements of the deal between the buyer and the seller . If you are seeking buyer concessions, the time to address them is before the Letter of Intent is drafted. Never sign a Letter of Intent until it has been properly reviewed by your attorney and you are in complete agreement with everything it contains.

Equipment and Inventory Concerns

During due diligence, the buyer will undoubtedly conduct his own appraisal of your facsimile service and repair business's inventory, equipment, and physical assets. Most sellers, however, conduct a pre-sale appraisal to gain an accurate gauge of asset value prior to negotiations. A professional appraisal is a necessity because it gives you the information you need to negotiate a sale price. During your appraisal process, you should also note the condition of your assets. Cost-effective repairs can then be made before your list your facsimile service and repair business.

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The learning process for selling a facsimile service and repair business is an ongoing journey. Send us your comments and questions, and let's continue the conversation!

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