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Selling a Freight Traffic Services Business

You've heard the naysayers - now isn't the time to sell a freight traffic services business. But what they don't know is that many entrepreneurs see freight traffic services businesses as a smart business investment.

If you listen to many entrepreneurs, there never seems to be a good time to put a small business on the market.
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More than a few freight traffic services business owners fail to receive fair market value for their businesses. With the right strategy, your sale doesn't have to end that way.

Selling to a Family Member

There is no easy way to sell a freight traffic services business, not even to a family member. If it isn't handled properly, a family sale can quickly create irreparable divisions within your family. Whether you offer the family member special concessions or not, either the buyer or other family members may take offense. If possible, discuss a long-term, generational transition with the entire family and seek the advice of a professional consultant.

Emotional Considerations

It's impossible to predict the emotional highs and lows you will experience during the sale of your freight traffic services business. Given your personal investment, you may also experience disappointment in the market's assessment of your company's value. Accurate expectations, a solid strategy and a strong support system can be valuable resources for coping with the personal impact of the sale.

Should I Hire a Business Broker?

When selling a freight traffic services business, you have two choices: Hire a broker to facilitate the sale or perform the sale unassisted. Although brokerage fees can be substantial, the right broker can reduce the amount of time your freight traffic services business sits on the market. You can also expect to receive a higher sales price for your business in a broker-assisted deal.

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