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Selling a Legal Assistance Business

You've learned a lot during your tenure as a legal assistance business owner. The next step is to position your business for the demands of the business-for-sale marketplace.

Cutting corners never pays off, especially in the sale of a legal assistance business.

If your exit strategy involves selling a legal assistance business now, sellers need to make a strong case for buyers to purchase at or near the asking price.

Negotiation Teams

Even if you hire a business broker to facilitate the sale of your legal assistance business, it's likely that you will be the front line negotiator. Negotiation is a chess game, best played with the resources and backend support of a negotiation team. A negotiation team comprised of trusted advisors and senior business leaders is essential in helping you devise a winning negotiation strategy. More importantly, a negotiation team can serve as a sounding board -- an objective presence that prohibits your personal emotions from clouding your judgment or sabotaging your efforts to negotiate a successful deal.

Preparing Your Legal Assistance Business for Sale

The outcome of a business sale is largely determined prior to a market listing. Attractive legal assistance business sales begin with a comprehensive strategy that incorporates planning, preparation and market positioning. Even though it may take years to adequately position your legal assistance business, the amount of preparation you perform will have direct correlation on asking and sale prices. Additionally, you'll need time to compile financials and other information that buyers will expect to receive.

Tips for Working with A Business Broker

Brokerage is a mainstay of the business-for-sale marketplace. It's typical for legal assistance business to rely on brokers to reduce market time and increase the final sales price. But a good broker doesn't relieve your responsibility for contributing to the sale process. Like it or not, you are going to be an integral player in the sale of your legal assistance business. Successfully brokered sales are based on solid relationships between brokers and sellers as well as the strict execution of a common selling strategy.

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