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Selling a Licensed Plumbing Contractors Business

The decision to sell your licensed plumbing contractors business isn't something that should be taken lightly, especially these days. If a business exit is on the horizon, you'll want to check out our suggestions for staying ahead of the market.

According to the experts, there is currently a large volume of shadow inventory in the licensed plumbing contractors business market -- businesses that are waiting to be listed until the economy recovers.

For sellers who are willing to perform adequate sale preparation, the numbers make licensed plumbing contractors businesses a solid investment for qualified buyers in the business-for-sale marketplace.

Selling to a Family Member

Selling a business to a family member might sound like the best of both worlds. You get an exit strategy, your licensed plumbing contractors business stays in the family, and everyone is happy. Yeah, right. Often, a sale to a family member creates fractures within the family. Unless you have agreed to treat the family member like any other buyer, the risk of hard feelings among other potential heirs or family members is high. The best advice: if a family sale is a possibility, it needs to be handled objectively, with ample input from third-party advisors.

Current Market Conditions

At first glance, today's market would seem to be a hostile place for licensed plumbing contractors business sellers. Entrepreneurs and investors still exhibit healthy skepticism, despite initial indication that recovery has begun. However, many business sellers don't realize that a full economic rebound can have devastating consequences, particularly if sellers who have waited to list their businesses suddenly create a glut in the business-for-sale marketplace. So what's our point? The economy isn't the most important factor in the sale of your business. Instead, you should be focusing on making your licensed plumbing contractors business as attractive as possible so to buyers right now.

Selecting a Broker

Good business brokers inevitably produce better business sales. No two licensed plumbing contractors business sales are alike. That means you'll want to look for a broker who has been around the block and possesses substantial experience selling businesses in the industry. As a practical matter, you'll also want to focus your search on brokers who have pre-existing relationships with attorneys, appraisers, and other professionals who can provide assistance at various stages of the process.

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