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Selling a Lumber Brokers Business

At first glance, an unstable economy would seem to be an unfriendly atmosphere for a lumber brokers business sale. At Gaebler, we think it's a great time to sell a lumber brokers business. Here's why . . ..

Although we're optimistic about the economy, we also recognize that it takes the right strategy to sell a lumber brokers business in today's market.

Lumber Brokerage Business

Working as a lumber broker can be a great way to make a living.

Too often lumber brokers business owners cave under the pressure and settle for a lower sales price than they should. That's unfortunate because all it takes to get a fair price in today's market is ample planning and an awareness of what's important to buyers.

How to Choose a Business Broker

Good business brokers inevitably produce better business sales. In the lumber brokers business industry, experience is a must-have characteristic for qualified brokerage. As a practical matter, you'll also want to focus your search on brokers who have pre-existing relationships with attorneys, appraisers, and other professionals who can provide assistance at various stages of the process.

Average Preparation Time

Preparing a lumber brokers business sale takes time. Since buyers prefer to see evidence of future cash flow, you'll want to to strategically lock in cash flows and increase profits before you list the business. You'll also need to create financial reports, operations manuals, and other documents to create the perception of a turnkey lumber brokers business operation. Since all of this takes time and effort, a lumber brokers business can rarely be ready for the marketplace in less than six months. If you can afford to wait, we recommend investing a few years in improving your business's financial position before you put it on the market.

Equipment and Inventory Concerns

Buyers typically perform an independent appraisal of your lumber brokers business's physical assets. But you'll need to commission your own appraisal before you put your lumber brokers business on the market to arm yourself with information for the negotiation phase. Without an accurate assessment of asset values it's impossible to intelligently negotiate on price. During your appraisal process, you should also note the condition of your assets. Cost-effective repairs can then be made before your list your lumber brokers business.

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