Mastering Niche Market Exit Planning

Selling a Notary and Corporation Seals Retail Business

Your notary and corporation seals retail business is a tangible reminder of the passion and dedication you've invested in your entrepreneurial career. Now it's time to put that same kind of focus into selling it.

Like it or not, a notary and corporation seals retail business sale is a complicated affair, made even more difficult by the emotions associated with leaving a business you've poured your life into. But have you considered how your customers, vendors and employees will handle the sale?

If your exit strategy involves selling a notary and corporation seals retail business in this environment, you need to apply the right combination of preparation, strategy and common sense.

Post-Sale Details

As your notary and corporation seals retail businesssale nears completion, there is a lot of work remaining to be done. The transition to the new owner, the distribution of sale proceeds and other issues can weigh heavily on sellers. If there are pending details that still need to ironed out, address them ASAP to ensure a smooth closing and transition.

Business Valuation

Professional appraisers can use three methods to determine the value ofa notary and corporation seals retail business: The income method, the asset method and the market method. Appraisals based on the asset method gauge value as a factor of the company's real property and non-tangible assets; appraisals based on the income method consider the business's anticipated revenue. In many sales, the most accurate valuation comes from the market method which determines value based on the recent sales of similar businesses. A good appraiser will often use multiple valuation methods to arrive at a reasonable estimate. To drive up your sale price, position your notary and corporation seals retail business by improving variables like assets, revenue and profitability during the years leading up to a sale.

Preparing Your Notary & Corporation Seals Retail Business for Sale

The outcome of a business sale is largely determined prior to a market listing. Profitable notary and corporation seals retail business sales begin with a comprehensive strategy that incorporates planning, preparation and market positioning. Even though it may take years to adequately position your notary and corporation seals retail business, the amount of preparation you perform will have direct correlation on asking and sale prices. But your efforts to improve your company's position and profitability will only be effective if you invest similar effort into the preparation of accurate financial statements for buyers.

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