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Selling a Petroleum Products and Equipment Business

The sale of a petroleum products and equipment business can be a difficult and trying process. But with a few tips, you can keep your shirt and your sanity in the sale of your business.

The petroleum products and equipment business-for-sale marketplace is a nuanced environment, full of pitfalls for sellers who aren't prepared for its demands.

Yet what many sellers don't appreciate is that a down economy can present the perfect opportunity to sell a petroleum products and equipment business.

Signs You're in Over Your Head

The petroleum products and equipment business-for-sale marketplace is a mixed bag of brokered sales and solo efforts. Although there are exceptions, solo sales typically take longer and are less productive than brokered sales. As a rule, no business should sit on the market for more than six months without attracting the interest of at least a handful of qualified buyers. Lack of buyer enthusiasm or persistence indicates that something is wrong. Hire a broker and conduct a professional appraisal ASAP.

Pros & Cons of a Sale to an Employee

Employee sales have pros and cons. A key employee may seem like a natural sales prospect. If you need to sell quickly, the timeframe is condensed in an employee sale because you don't need to track down a buyer. But in many cases, employees expect to get a deal from their employer based on their years of service to the company. A seller-financed deal may be necessary unless the employee has significant assets or investor backing.

Sale Preparations for Your Petroleum Products & Equipment Business

The outcome of a business sale is largely determined prior to a market listing. Profitable petroleum products and equipment business listings are the culmination of a preparation process that began months or even years ahead of time. Branding, market positioning, and revenue growth take time, but they directly influence the price your petroleum products and equipment business will command in the marketplace. It is especially helpful if your financial reports can demonstrate a multiyear growth trend for potential buyers.

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