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Selling a Refrigerator and Freezer Rental and Leasing Business

No one said selling your business in a depressed economy would be easy. Fortunately, a refrigerator and freezer rental and leasing business sale isn't as scary as it seems.

When it comes to selling a refrigerator and freezer rental and leasing business, there are no shortcuts to success.

But they're also savvy enough to know a good deal when they see it. To sell your refrigerator and freezer rental and leasing business, you'll need to go the extra mile to prove your company has the potential to deliver steady revenue and a solid ROI.

Leveraging Seller Concessions

In the current marketplace, seller concessions can make the difference between a business sale and a refrigerator and freezer rental and leasing business that languishes on the market for months or even years. Not surprisingly, seller financing is routinely requested by today's buyers. Capital is scarce, causing new entrepreneurs to rely on sellers to finance at least part of the purchase price. If you are unwilling or unable to offer financing, be prepared to offer other types of concessions to close the deal.

Average Timeframes

Hoping for a quick refrigerator and freezer rental and leasing business sale? You may be disappointed. Although asking price and other factors contribute to sale time, it's difficult to predict how long your business will be on the market before you locate the right buyer. To adequately prepare your business listing, plan on spending six months to a year prior to listing. Once your business is ready for the marketplace, it could take an additional six months to a year to locate the right buyer.

Working with a Professional Accountant

Accountants lay the financial groundwork for a business sale. From a seller perspective, an accountant can offer personal financial assistance, especially when it comes to handling the disposition of sale proceeds. You may also want your accountant to assist in the preparation of professional financials to present to serious buyers. In certain instances, it may be appropriate to ask your accountant to vet the financials of prospective buyers, run credit checks or even structure the terms of a seller-financed deal.

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