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Selling a Reiki Business

Owning a reiki business hasn't always been a bed of roses, but it's been worth the effort. The next step is to position your business for the demands of the business-for-sale marketplace.

Selling a reiki business? You'll need to be prepared to address a variety of challenges that are common in the business-for-sale marketplace.

If your exit strategy involves selling a reiki business in this environment, you need to apply the right combination of preparation, strategy and common sense.

Negotiation Exit Strategy

If the devil is in the details, the negotiation stage of a reiki business sale is the devil's playground. But sooner or later, someone needs to bring negotiations to a close. Unfortunately, that responsibility often falls on the seller. A lull in negotiations may be part of the buyer's strategy. Then again, it may be a sign that the search for common ground is a lost cause. Since it can be difficult to tell whether the buyer is serious or playing games, it's important to know the lower boundaries of your negotiation strategy and be willing to walk away from the negotiation table, if necessary.

Working with Accountants

Accountants lay the financial groundwork for a business sale. Most reiki business have significant tax consequences requiring the input of a qualified accountant. Brokers often advise their clients to have an accountant perform an audit of the business prior to sale. With seller financing becoming common, professional accountants are playing a more central role in negotiations and buyer qualification.

When Is the Right Time to Sell?

If you're feeling like your tenure as the owner of the reiki business is coming to an end, the time to sell is now. Some experts are telling reiki business owners to wait for a better economy to put their business on the market. At Gaebler, we have a much more optimistic view of your chances in the reiki business-for-sale market. The inventory of what we consider to be quality reiki businesses is actually low right now and there is room for the right sellers to realize substantial gains with investment-conscious buyers.

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