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Selling a Software and CD ROM Duplication Services Business

Business sellers have diverse personal and professional goals for the sale of their companies. But no matter what you expect from the sale of your software and CD-ROM duplication services business, it's in your best interest to maximize the sales price through the application of proven sales techniques.

Personal and professional concerns surround the sale of a software and CD-ROM duplication services business. In our experience, a common owner concern is how the sale will affect customers and employees.

Despite the conventional wisdom, we believe current economic conditions are right for selling a software and CD-ROM duplication services business. With the right information and strategy, you could be well on your way to a successful sale

Sweetening the Deal

Today's software and CD-ROM duplication services business buyers expect sellers to offer concessions to persuade them to close the deal. Concessions can consist of non-cash as well as cash incentives. When you've reached your limit on price, consider offering non-cash concessions to encourage a commitment from the buyer. A limited amount of training and mentoring may seem inconsequential to you, but to a young software and CD-ROM duplication services business owner, they can be critical launching points for their ownership journey.

Working with a Professional Accountant

Accountants come into play at several stages of the sale process. From a seller perspective, an accountant can offer personal financial assistance, especially when it comes to handling the disposition of sale proceeds. Brokers often advise their clients to have an accountant perform an audit of the business prior to sale. With seller financing becoming common, professional accountants are playing a more central role in negotiations and buyer qualification.

Average Timeframes

From the day they decide to sell their company, the question that plagues many owners is how long it will take to sell their software and CD-ROM duplication services business. Although asking price and other factors contribute to sale time, it's difficult to predict how long your business will be on the market before you locate the right buyer. Before you can list your software and CD-ROM duplication services business, you'll need to invest as much as a year in preparing it for prospective buyers. Even though it's conceivable that an attractive opportunity could sell in weeks, an immediate flood of offers could indicate that the business is underpriced.

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