January 25, 2021  
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Selling to Computer Technology Schools

No doubt about it, computer technology schools are important sales targets for B2B operations that are equipped to tackle a competitive marketplace. Don't forget that computer technology schools aren't easy sales marks -- here's what you'll need to compete in today's market.

Despite robust demand for products sold to computer technology schools, penetrating the market can be challenging.
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More often than not, successful businesses reach their goals through the consistent application of proven selling concepts. That's especially true in the computer technology school industry where small oversights can translate into losses in market share.

Marketing, Promotions & PR

Young B2B companies are often tempted to buy their way into the market. Rather than taking the time to develop relationships with computer technology school owners, these companies flood the industry with high-priced marketing content in hopes of scoring fast conversions from buyers.

Marketing is useful and necessary. But new businesses should focus their marketing budgets on initiatives that support their value proposition. Although lead lists obtained from third-party vendors like Experian can improve the flow of prospects to your team, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is limited to your team's ability to connect marketing, promotional and PR messaging with your company's unique product traits.

Benefits of Networking

Networking broadens your prospect pool. In addition to raising your company's profile, it increases the amount of influence you have with computer technology schools.

But more importantly, a strategy that emphasizes networking as a core sales activity inevitably drives more leads and referrals into your company. Sometimes the leads you generate through solid networking will be leads that you had never considered before.

Networking Tips

The computer technology school industry is relationship-based. Businesses that sell in the industry rely on industry contacts for leads and other aspects of the sales cycle.

Lead lists are helpful in expanding your network, but only if your sales force is willing to develop list contacts into long-term business relationships. As an owner or manager, you need to train your team in networking strategies and proactively model relational sales techniques.

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