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Selling to Fraternal Clubs

These days, uncertainty is the only constant for fraternal clubs. Product quality, pricing and customer service are all important considerations – so businesses that sell to fraternal clubs need to demand excellence from their team.

In the current business climate, fraternal clubs are looking for quality and affordability.
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Many fraternal clubs expect stellar service from the companies they do business with. But service alone won't close the deal. For B2B companies that sell to fraternal clubs, the consistent application of sound business principles is just as important as your relationships with your customers.

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Benefits of Networking

Networking expands your reach within the industry. In addition to raising your company's profile, it increases your credibility with fraternal clubs.

But more importantly, a strategy that emphasizes networking as a core sales activity inevitably drives more leads and referrals into your company. Sometimes the leads you generate through solid networking will be leads that are completely off your competition's radar.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Many sales strategies begin with marketing, and the marketing strategies for fraternal clubs cover a lot of ground.

Yet in this industry, marketing effectiveness is inherently dependent on its ability to target key decision makers. From traditional marketing to cutting-edge Internet strategies, any initiative that fails to reach decision makers is a waste of time and resources.

Since your sales revenues hang in the balance, you can't afford to rely on stale or inaccurate sales leads. Third-party lead lists may be the best resource for making sure your team is equipped with the most up-to-date information possible. If you don't currently use lead lists, you may want to consider Experian -- a third-party lead list vendor with a reputation for providing regularly updated and sorted fraternal club leads.

How to Evaluate Sales Staff

Periodic staff assessment is essential for companies that sell in this industry. Businesses that achieve significant market share recruit the cream of the crop and routinely evaluate them against performance goals and benchmarks.

Although annual reviews may suffice for other business units, sales units should be evaluated quarterly with monthly or weekly reviews of sales totals. Training, coaching and sales incentives can be useful for improving performance and revenues. In some instances, it may be appropriate to team underperforming sales reps with reps that have more experience selling to fraternal clubs.

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