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Signs You Are Failing as a Leader

Are you a bad leader? Are you failing as a leader? We discuss six indicators that might suggest you are not getting the job done.

Wondering how you are doing as a leader?

Signs of a Bad Leader

Regardless of how adept you think you are at leadership, here are six indicators that suggest you might not be getting the job done. In fact, if you see these things in your organization, it could mean you are failing as a leader.

It isn't easy to admit failure, especially if you are an entrepreneur with a track record of success. But if your leadership isn't getting the results it should, you need to seriously consider what you are doing wrong so you can make adjustments and get your company back on track.

Unsupported Vision

A company's vision begins with its leaders - but it doesn't end with them. If your vision is ever going to be realized, it needs to be embraced by everyone in the organization. Often, an unsupported vision is the result of a leader who hasn't made an effort to solicit the input of key employees and other stakeholders in the company.

Poor Communication

Are you the only person in your business with a clear understanding of your goals and values? If so, then you have failed in an important aspect of leadership: Communication. Even though they may not have a direct role in determining the company's current or future course, all of your employees need to have a general idea where the business is headed and what values the company holds dear so they can play their role effectively.

Missed Goals

A history of missed goals can be a sign that the business has encountered a series of unforeseen obstacles. But it can also be a sign that you have failed to provide adequate leadership. Maybe the goals were unrealistic to begin with or maybe you failed to conduct proper follow up. Either way, it's important to accept responsibility when your shortcomings caused your business to miss its goals.


Inefficiency can quickly drain the life and energy out of a business. Overlapping roles, wasted resources, and unnecessary activities are "big picture" issues that are under your direct control. As a leader, you have a unique opportunity to monitor the overall health of your organization. If your organization is a breeding ground for inefficiency, then it is probably because you have failed to do your job effectively.

High Turnover

A high rate of employee turnover is usually an indication of widespread dissatisfaction within the organization. Although there could be a lot of reasons why your employees are dissatisfied, if it persists long enough to cause a consistently high turnover rate point it's probably an indication that you have failed to identify and root out the source of the problem.

Interoffice Conflicts

Unfortunately, interoffice conflicts are unavoidable. When you put a diverse group of people in the same place day after day, there are bound to be some disagreements. But if your company's conflicts are affecting your ability to do business, you have a responsibility to intervene and restore order in the business. If you fail to do so, your company - and your reputation as a leader - will suffer.

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