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How to Start a Church


Starting a Greek Church

If you are intent on opening a Greek church, start by learning as much as you can about the church startup process.

Thinking about opening a Greek church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.
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Greek Orthodox Churches

The term "Greek churches" usually refers to churches within the Greek Orthodox branch of Christianity. In turn, Greek Orthodoxy is a stream within the larger Eastern Orthodox tradition, a highly liturgical form of Christian faith and practice that emphasizes hierarchical governance, elaborate worship rituals and other distinctive characteristics.

Like other Orthodox churches, Greek Orthodox churches have unique practices and traditions rooted in their cultural heritage. But when it comes to theology, Greek Orthodox churches are in step will all other churches in the Eastern Orthodox communion.

The establishment of new Greek Orthodox ministries and churches must be channeled through the denominational hierarchy. If you are a religious entrepreneur interested in starting a Greek Orthodox church, your first step will be to contact diocesan officials to discuss your intentions.

Navigating a Top Down Leadership Structure in Greek Orthodox Churches

Religious entrepreneurs in the Greek Orthodox tradition must be comfortable with top down leadership structures. The Greek Orthodox is hierarchical by nature, and leaders at the local level are expected to comply with the demands of their diocese, archdiocese and the patriarchy.

Top down management and leadership can be a problem for some Greek Orthodox church planters, especially those who are accustomed to more inclusive leadership styles. But despite your personal preferences, a top down leadership style is a functional necessity in Greek Orthodoxy due to the sheer quantity of churches and ministries within the communion.

At a minimum, you'll need to learn how to reconcile your inclusive leadership style at the local level with the top down leadership requirements of the denomination. If you encounter difficulties, we suggest that you discuss your concerns and challenges with experienced priests who have achieved a balance between inclusive and top down leadership styles.

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