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Starting a Business Via Network Marketing


Starting a Network Marketing Company

You've seen a lot of networking opportunities in your day, but have you ever considered starting your own network marketing company? It's possible, but to make it a success you will need to follow some simple rules and guidelines.

If it's done right, network marketing can be a legitimate and effective way to sell products to the general public.
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Startup entrepreneurs often overlook network marketing because they are either unfamiliar with it or uncomfortable with the ways other entrepreneurs have used it to sell their products.

However, the actions of unethical network marketers shouldn't automatically dissuade you from exploring a networking marketing structure for your products. If you think network marketing might be a good fit, here is a simplified process to help launch your new network marketing company.

Start with Your Product

At its core, a legitimate network marketing company is all about the product rather than the process. An idea for a product isn't enough to launch a business. You need to flesh out all the details related to your products production and distribution before you recruit a sales staff. In some network marketing and MLM organizations, there is so much focus on attracting new recruits that the actual product is obscured (if it even exists in the first place.) That's no way to run a company, so manufacturing, packaging, shipping it all has to be addressed before you consider creating a network marketing system within the organization.

Define Your Structure

There is more than one way to structure the various tiers in a network marketing company. From basic tier structures to more complex matrix plans, you have a lot choices. Do your research to decide which one is right for your new business. You may even want to model your tier system on that of a highly successful network marketing company like Amway, Excel, or Meleleuca. But whatever structure you choose, make sure people are compensated fairly and the emphasis is on rewarding people for sales, not just recruitment.

Recruit Your Team

Finally it's time to recruit a team. Potential team members come from a broad range of sources. People who buy your products often make great recruits. But you should also look for professional salespeople who are actively seeking new sales or career opportunities. If you're not experienced with network marketing, one of your first hires should be a network marketing veteran who is capable of attracting and supervising high sales volume recruits.

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Are you thinking about starting a network marketing company? What challenges are you thinking about? We welcome your comments, questions and advice regarding starting a network marketing company.

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