SEO and PR

The Interplay Between SEO and PR

Good SEO is powered by good PR; good PR is powered by good SEO. It's a Catch-22 you can use to your advantage. Learn how to leverage the interplay between SEO and PR to create marketing power for your company.

In today's virtual business environment, you can't separate good SEO and good PR.

The Interplay Between SEO and PR

Online promotion is a critical component of an effective PR strategy, and when they're done right SEO and PR serve mutually supportive functions.

That's why it's surprising that so few professionals are proficient in both SEO and PR. As a business leader, it's not unusual to find someone who is highly skilled in either SEO or PR - but not both. It's particularly disheartening when you consider that the interplay between SEO and PR is where the real power lies.

Effective SEO has the ability to multiply the impact of your online and off-line PR efforts. When your PR content has been successfully optimized it's much easier for journalists and other media contacts to locate your company online.

At the same time, your PR content is capable of strengthening your SEO initiatives because the appropriate repetition of strategic phrases raises the profile of your online assets in search engine rankings.

Here are some other things to consider when you take advantage of the interplay between SEO and PR to advance your business profile and messaging:

  • Consistent PR messaging is your friend. You have more than one reason to maintain consistent PR messaging. Consistent messaging presents a clear focus to the media and to the world. But consistent PR messaging that leverages strategic keywords and key phrases also plays an important role in your SEO efforts.
  • SEO-powered PR strengthens your brand. Likewise, PR that emphasizes SEO strategies has the potential to eventually strengthen your company's brand. The key is to select keywords that reinforce your brand identity online.
  • Highly creative PR is bad SEO. Unique, one-of-a-kind messaging in the title or main body of PR content is counterproductive to your SEO efforts. Remember, you are looking for words and phrases that journalists might commonly enter into a search engine - not phrases that are so clever that they border on the obscure.
  • Good PR is always content driven. A surefire way to mess up your PR strategy is to make SEO your first priority. SEO is an important consideration in your PR efforts, but it's not your first consideration. Your primary PR focus should always be the content contained in your PR vehicles.

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