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Twitter is a very popular service and an incredible brand. In fact, there's a whole Twitter language that's developing. Here are some Twitter sayings that we expect to hear soon.

Twe twecided two twome twup twith twome twnew Twitter twayings.

Twansalation (I mean translation):

We decided to come up with some new Twitter sayings.

Here they are. Some of them are pretty bad.

Up and Coming Tweetspeak: Popular Twitter Sayings

Tweetwalker - From streetwalker. As the escort services that are making $$$ on Craig's List discover Twitter, we will have a massive influx of tweetwalkers. Sample usage: "He was traveling on business and hooked up with a tweetwalker who ripped him off for $200."

Tweativity - From creativity. Tweativity occurs when you get more creative as a result of reading other people's tweets. Sample usage: "The blog post from @soandso has sparked some serious tweativity! I'm writing my own blog post about the impact of dinosaurs on spinach development."

Heard On the Tweet - From Heard on the Street. A reference to the growing phenomenon of tweets that make recommendations on investing, stocks, etc. Sample usage: "More and more naive people are falling victim to "Heard on the Tweet" rumors about hot companies spread by pump-and-dump promoters."

Tweetheart - From sweetheart. When two people meet on Twitter and fall in love, they are tweethearts. Sample usage: "Those two tweethearts are getting married! Can you believe it?!"

Twouble - From trouble. Saying something in Twitter can get you in trouble. For example, one job applicant had an offer rescinded because he tweeted about the offer. In Twitter language, that means he got in twouble. Sample usage: "I guess I shouldn't have tweeted that to my girlfriend, knowing that my wife is one of my followers. I'm in big twouble now."

Tweetlemaniac - From Beetlemaniac. A Tweetlemaniac is somebody who spends a little bit too much time on Twitter, to the point of losing focus on real-world priorities. Sample usage: "My boyfriend has become something of a Tweetlemaniac. He's on Twitter 24/7 and hasn't bathed in days."

Twittertweet - From bittersweet. A bittertweet is a tweet posted hastily in anger that you may later regret. Sample usage: "After a few drinks, I have a habit of bittertweeting that gets me in trouble."

Backtweet Driver - From backseat driver. A person who complains about your tweets is a backtweet driver. Sample usage: "I am sick of these backtweet drivers criticizing my tweets."

Twublicist - From publicist. This is a PR flunkie who gets on to Twitter to promote their clients' goods and services. Sample usage: "She's not really an objective source on that topic. After all, she is their twublicist."

Maltweeted - From maltreated. If somebody says something bad about you on Twitter, Twitterites say that you have been maltweeted. Sample usage: "What they are saying isn't true at all! This maltweeting nonsense has got to stop!"

Tweetstroke - From heatstroke. A person who dies while tweeting is said to have suffered from tweetstroke. Sample usage: "So far, nobody had died from tweetstroke."

Mothertwucker - From [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. A derogatory term used to describe a tweeter that you do not like. See also twasshole and twasterd. Sample usage: "That mothertwucking twasshole better stop tweeting about my mother!"

Twidiot - From idiot. A person who comes up with dumb Twitter sayings. Sample usage: "The person who wrote this article is a Twidiot."

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Think any of these Twitterisms will catch on? Got any new Twitter sayings you'd like to add to the mix? Leave a comment below.

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