August 14, 2020  
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Every payroll, you make your contribution to the unemployment insurance system. Yet many business owners don't understand how unemployment benefits work and how smart HR policies can lower your unemployment payroll taxes.

Unemployment Benefits

  • An Unemployment Insurance System Primer - It takes a bite out of your cash every payroll, but do you really understand what unemployment insurance is and how the system works?
  • State Unemployment Taxes - Where does the money for unemployment benefits come from? And how much will unemployment taxes cost your business? We've got answers to all your questions about state unemployment taxes.
  • Experience Rating In Unemployment Insurance - Experience is a good thing, right? Not necessarily. When it comes to an employer's unemployment tax burden, experience can quickly become a double-edged sword. Here's everything your small business needs to know about an experience rating in unemployment insurance.
  • Minimizing Employer Unemployment Taxes - As a cost-conscious small business employer, the last thing you need is a high unemployment tax burden. The reality is that many employers pay a lot of unnecessary employment taxes. When every penny counts, these tips for minimizing unemployment payroll taxes could save you a bundle.
  • Employer Unemployment Tax Exclusions - Employers are legally required to pay unemployment taxes for their employees. But did you know that there are some exceptions to that rule? Rather than overpay your payroll taxes, you might check with your state employment agency to see if any of these employment tax exclusions apply.
  • SUTA Dumping - Unemployment taxes are lowest for new companies. If your unemployment taxes are too high why not just shut down the company, restart it under a new name and rehire all your old employees? It's a great plan . . . except for the fact that it's illegal.




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