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SecurityScorecard Funding Round

NGP, AXA Strategic Ventures and Boldstart Ventures participated in a $27.5 million Series C funding round for SecurityScorecard. The round was announced by the company on 10/13/2017.

Transaction Overview

Company Name
Announced On
Transaction Type
Venture Equity
Series C

NGP (Lead Investor) (Upal Basu)

AXA Strategic Ventures (François Robinet)

Boldstart Ventures

Evolution Equity Partners (Thomas Mendoza)

GV (Karim Faris)

Intel Capital

Moody's Corporation (David Platt)

Sequoia Capital (Michael Goguen)

Two Sigma Ventures

Proceeds Purpose
Funds from this investment round will be used to bring new solutions to the market and to expand on SecurityScorecard's position as the security ratings leader.

Company Information

Company Status
Private & Independent
Mailing Address
111 West 33rd St. 11th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Email Address
Work with, not against, your partners to effectively remediate immediate threats and lower collective security risks through alerts, validation and workflow ticketing.
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Management Team

Email & Social
Chief Executive Officer
Aleksandr Yampolskiy
  Aleksandr Yampolskiy LinkedIn Profile  Aleksandr Yampolskiy Twitter Account  Aleksandr Yampolskiy News  Aleksandr Yampolskiy on Facebook
Chief Financial Officer
Todd Graber
  Todd Graber LinkedIn Profile  Todd Graber Twitter Account  Todd Graber News  Todd Graber on Facebook
Chief Information Officer
Michael Wilkes
  Michael Wilkes LinkedIn Profile  Michael Wilkes Twitter Account  Michael Wilkes News  Michael Wilkes on Facebook
Chief Operating Officer
Samuel Kassoumeh
  Samuel Kassoumeh LinkedIn Profile  Samuel Kassoumeh Twitter Account  Samuel Kassoumeh News  Samuel Kassoumeh on Facebook
Chief Technical Officer
Christos Kalantzis
  Christos Kalantzis LinkedIn Profile  Christos Kalantzis Twitter Account  Christos Kalantzis News  Christos Kalantzis on Facebook
Vice President
Heather Fleming
  Heather Fleming LinkedIn Profile  Heather Fleming Twitter Account  Heather Fleming News  Heather Fleming on Facebook
Vice President
Heather Flemming
  Heather Flemming LinkedIn Profile  Heather Flemming Twitter Account  Heather Flemming News  Heather Flemming on Facebook
Vice President
Paul Salamanca
  Paul Salamanca LinkedIn Profile  Paul Salamanca Twitter Account  Paul Salamanca News  Paul Salamanca on Facebook
Vice President
Wade Shearer
  Wade Shearer LinkedIn Profile  Wade Shearer Twitter Account  Wade Shearer News  Wade Shearer on Facebook
VP - Administration
Dolly Krishnaswamy
  Dolly Krishnaswamy LinkedIn Profile  Dolly Krishnaswamy Twitter Account  Dolly Krishnaswamy News  Dolly Krishnaswamy on Facebook
VP - Customer Service
Drew Wilkinson
  Drew Wilkinson LinkedIn Profile  Drew Wilkinson Twitter Account  Drew Wilkinson News  Drew Wilkinson on Facebook
VP - Customer Service
Drew Wlkinson
  Drew Wlkinson LinkedIn Profile  Drew Wlkinson Twitter Account  Drew Wlkinson News  Drew Wlkinson on Facebook
VP - Engineering
Kevin Haggard
  Kevin Haggard LinkedIn Profile  Kevin Haggard Twitter Account  Kevin Haggard News  Kevin Haggard on Facebook
VP - General Counsel
Sachin Bansal
  Sachin Bansal LinkedIn Profile  Sachin Bansal Twitter Account  Sachin Bansal News  Sachin Bansal on Facebook
VP - Human Resources
Mag Goossens
  Mag Goossens LinkedIn Profile  Mag Goossens Twitter Account  Mag Goossens News  Mag Goossens on Facebook
VP - Marketing
Susanne Gurman
  Susanne Gurman LinkedIn Profile  Susanne Gurman Twitter Account  Susanne Gurman News  Susanne Gurman on Facebook
VP - Product Management
Ofer Ezlam
  Ofer Ezlam LinkedIn Profile  Ofer Ezlam Twitter Account  Ofer Ezlam News  Ofer Ezlam on Facebook
VP - R & D
Alexander Heid
  Alexander Heid LinkedIn Profile  Alexander Heid Twitter Account  Alexander Heid News  Alexander Heid on Facebook
VP - Regulatory Affairs
Kevin Gronberg
  Kevin Gronberg LinkedIn Profile  Kevin Gronberg Twitter Account  Kevin Gronberg News  Kevin Gronberg on Facebook
VP - Sales
William Hogan
  William Hogan LinkedIn Profile  William Hogan Twitter Account  William Hogan News  William Hogan on Facebook
VP - Sales
Pia Mcsharry
  Pia Mcsharry LinkedIn Profile  Pia Mcsharry Twitter Account  Pia Mcsharry News  Pia Mcsharry on Facebook



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